How Trees and People Benefit from Pruning

Ever notice the difference between trees that grow in the forest and those growing in the open? In the forest, trees are taller than they are wide, have a dominant leader, and lower limbs do not develop significantly, just to name a few differences. The forest is a natural pruner. Trees in open spaces that are not regularly pruned are at greater risk of failure from heavier branch growth, especially of lower limbs and co-dominant leaders, as well as their tendency to be wider rather than taller. Their structure is weakened. Pruning can help minimize these problems. Stronger trees reduce the risks of damage to the trees themselves plus damage caused by tree failure to our human habitats such as the buildings, walkways, and the green spaces we enjoy amongst the trees in our surroundings. Pruning creates better clearance for vehicles and pedestrians while improving appearance and minimizing injury from falling tree parts. Pruning encourages the trees around us to grow into strong focal points in our human habitats that we can enjoy for a lifetime.

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